Qualities of a Great ESL Teacher

Actualizado: 13 de may de 2020

Did you have that one teacher who inspired you to learn?

That one amazing teacher who took their time and made sure that you were allowed to shine and made you feel that you could do it. And that one class that you just wanted to go too? I am sure we all had one teacher. 

Teachers carry a huge, huge responsibility in their classroom. They are placed in a position that will shape the future generations of students and contribute to their students’ successes or failures. Being a teacher isn’t just getting the students to regurgitate facts and figures but it is also getting them to learn themselves, to be autonomous. It doesn't matter if you have great resources or really bad ones the great teachers can motivate and achieve the goals set out by your planning.

So, I have put together a shortlist of qualities that a great teacher should have.

Being Organised.

Being organised and prepared is very important. Great teachers are always organised and prepared for class. Their lessons are clearly structured so that students can easily follow it. An organised teacher can quickly find and organise their teaching materials so that there are minimal distractions in class for the students.

Have Patience.

Patience is a virtue. The most important quality that a teacher should have is patience. A great teacher is very patient with their students and their parents to deal with the same questions and problems over and over again.  You never give up on your students and would try out new ways to help them succeed in school. Even the ones that you want to strangle sometimes "hypothetically":)

Sets High Expectations.

A great teacher should have set high expectations and work to raise the level for their students. You should realise that the expectations that you set can greatly affect your students’ achievements. Setting high expectations can help challenge your students to work harder and prepare them for the future. Tell them that they have the 10/10 and it is up to them if they lose the mark. They are in control of destiny.

Cares about students.

A great teacher should also care about their students. This teacher is the one who students can go to when they have problems. Great teachers are also great listeners and will make time to listen to their students. My dad always said you have one mouth, two eyes and two ears use them in that ratio. Listen and observe and then speak when you have got something constructive to say. Caring and giving that support to all students is very important especially the little ones. Who are forming their self-esteem

Loves Teaching.

Teachers should be passionate and love teaching. A teacher who does not enjoy and love their job cannot be effective at all. Also, you can’t expect your students to enjoy the class if you’re not enjoying the class! I start with some music to uplift the class even the children who don't like English always start the class with a smile and some movement.

I know that there are more qualities that make up a great teacher. What other qualities do you have and think a great teacher should have? Let me know!

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